Call for paper Rainwater Harvesting and Water Issues

National conference on Rainwater Harvesting for Livelihood, community and ecosystem resilience

Guideline for Abstract submission

The abstracts of papers proposed for this conference will be accepted on the basis of their relevance as well as their scientific quality. The authors are requested to keep in mind the following: 

  • Relevance of the proposed abstract to the overall purpose and scope and to the specific seminar themes.
  • Advancement of knowledge of and/or innovation within the subject.  
  • Scientific quality and originality of the subject treatment.  
  • Practical applications of content.  
  • The capacity for procedures or practices described to be replicated. 
  • Regional / National contextual representation.  

The abstract should be written in Times Roman 11, single spaced and should not be more than one page of A-4 size paper. Details of Authors, including their contact E-mail, institutional affiliation should be written below the Title.

Posted in News on May 29, 2019