Collaborating with government leaders, Communities and Institutions and Private Sectors for implementing on new technologies, Innovations and Research work on WASHfor providing safely managed Water, Improved Sanitation and Hygiene

Support for promoting policies and practical steps that governments can take to establish safer sanitation through Fecal Sludge Management (FSM) – Decentralized Wastewater Management including promotion of Sustainable Sanitation

Promoting city-wide inclusive sanitation to accelerate the adoption of safely managed sanitation at the city level, particularly focused on slums 

Support for Providing Safe Water in communities and Institutions by promoting integrated water optimization technology

Promoting Climate Change Adaptation ( CCA)  and DRR, Support for Improving WASH practices  during  Disaster management

Support for improving knowledge on sanitation practices and hygiene behaviors

Support for developing policy and guideline on WASH

Design Water Supply Schemes with effective treatment mechanism

Promoting advance technology for Waste Water treatment systems

Addressing issues on Water Scarcity and promoting Water Recharging and Rainwater Harvesting

Manage Water Supply & Wastewater facilities on the Public Private Participation (PPP) Model as utility operator.

Collaborating with governmental and non-governmental organization and international organization for promoting Water Knowledge Hub. and networking with other organizations.

Support in organizing meeting, discussion, workshop on WASH Issues.