Board Members

Er. Ramdeep Sah – Chairman

Er. Ramdeep Sah is a Senior Water Supply and Sanitary Engineer. He is graduated in Bachelor in Civil Engineering from the IIT Kanpur, India in 1982 and obtained his Master of Science in Sanitary Engineering for UNESCO IHE Delft, the Netherlands in 2004. He has worked 32 years at different positions on various water supply and sanitation sector projects as Project Director of Second Small Towns Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project, as Director General of Department of Water Supply and Sewerage, Nepal and Joint Secretary of Ministry of Urban Development, Nepal. He has been Chairman of Society of Public Health Engineers, Nepal (SOPHEN) and Chairman of organizing Committee of Water, International Conference on Water, Environment and Climate Change: Knowledge Sharing at Partnership, 10-12 April, Kathmandu, Nepal. At present, he is working as an Independent Consultant in WASH sector for technical and advisory support in different agencies. 

Er. Hari Prasad Sharma – Director cum Chief Executive Officer

Er. Hari Prasad Sharma is a Senior Water Supply and Sanitary Engineer. He has worked 28 years under the Department of Water Supply and Sewerage taking responsibilities of District Engineer, Regional Director, Project Manager of Community Based Water Supply & Sanitation Project and Small Town Water Supply & Sanitation Sector Project. He worked as a Director General of Department of Water Supply and Sewerage Management(DWSSM), as Joint Secretary in Planning Division of Ministry of Physical Planning & Works, as an Executive Director of Melamchi Water Supply Development Board and as Chairman of Water Tariff Commission.  Now, he is working as an independent consultant in water supply, sanitation and sewerage sector of Nepal in different agencies. He is the author of “Construction and Management of Rural Water Supply Projects” published by WHO in 2063.

Mr. Harka Chhetri – Finance Director

Mr. Harka Bahadur Chhetri is a Financial Specialist; worked more than 28 years in Town Development Fund. He worked as a Project Finance expert in TDF for supporting to Municipalities and Water Users Committee of Nepal in the field of their Institutional strength and financial Management. He has wide experiences in project cycle, office management, Local Bodies financial management, accounting, auditing; and their working culture.

Ar. Girija Dahal – Director

Mrs. Girija Dahal is Architecture and she has worked in Building Design and construction supervision and monitoring work since 2008 and she has experience of office management on Architectural and Engineering Consult. She has also work experience for providing capacity building on life skill training.

Er. Krishna Ram Yendyo – Member

Mr. Krishna Ram Yendyo is a WASH Engineer working in faecal sludge management, wastewater management, and urban water management. Mr. Yendyo has working experiences in several civil engineering projects in Nepal since 2002 and in abroad as well. He has several experiences in designing and implementing decentralized wastewater systems in Nepal. Mr. Yendyo is graduate from UNESCO-IHE and AIT, Bangkok in Urban Water Engineering and Management.


Er. Ganesh Shah, Former Minister of Environment, Science and Technology

Er. Ganesh Shah is a Nepalese politician and Former Minister for Environment, Science and Technology, a mechanical engineer by profession and received his M-Tech (Technical Engineering) from Patrice Lumumba Peoples' Friendship University in 1973. Mr. Shah is a big advocate of climate change issues and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) promoter and Brand Ambassador of SOPHEN. Mr. Shah is known for being one of the technology savvy politicians in Nepal. 

Dr. Guna Nidhi Paudyal, Water Resource Expert

Dr.Guna Nidhi Paudyal is a Water Resource Expert. He obtained Ph.D. in Integrated water resources modelling from AIT. He is currently leading a team of international and national experts preparing basin plans for all the river basins of Nepal. Dr. Paudyal was a senior advisor of Danida to the Bangladesh national water supply and sanitation programme. He was instrumental in establishing the HYSAWA Fund which has developed sustainable water supply systems in many districts of Bangladesh. 

Er. Suman Prasad Sharma, Former Secretary of Nepal Government

Mr. Suman Prasad Sharma has a Master's degree in Environmental Engineering and an extensive experience in design, implementation and administration of development projects and programs. He served in the Government of Nepal for over 33 years, in different capacities as Director General of DWSSMand as the Executive Director of Melamchi Water Supply Development Board. He has served the government as the Secretary of Ministries of Peace, Energy, Finance and Information and Communications. He was also the Financial Comptroller General of Nepal and a Regional Administrator in the then Western Development Region of Nepal.