Smart WASH Solutions foresees in the universe in which all people have sustainable access to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Services for considering the challenging issues. Safe water to drink is one of the most basic needs of human. Access to water and sanitation plays a crucial role in the overall social and economic development of a community. Therefore, this sector should be given a high priority for development, in a sustainable and socially acceptable manner, with the use of appropriate technologies.

We have to modernize the working modality and also have to find the innovative approach to work on WASH sectors. The WASH sector status and management in Nepal are still in poor conditions so there is still need to vigorously work for improvement on WASH from both government and private sectors. For ensuring the availability and sustainable management of Water and Sanitation for all (SDG Goal 6) and addressing the WASH issues on all communities including institutions and the system of dysfunctional and non-existing facilities and services has to be improved. For improving this, there is great need of collaborative work with different level of stakeholders (government and private sectors) including academicians and researchers withnational and international WASH stakeholders and Universities.


Smart WASH Solutions

For Better Tomorrow

Our Strategy


Collaborating with government leaders, Communities and Institutions and Private Sectors for implementing on new technologies, Innovations and Research work on WASH


Decentralized Wastewater Management including promotion of Sustainable Sanitation

Water Safty

Support for Providing Safe Water in communities and Institutions by promoting integrated water optimization technology